Fairboroughs Farm

The Lowe Family

The farm was purchased by the Lowe Family in 1966 and is now farmed by Robert and Elizabeth, who have two sons, Alex and Richard, a daughter Michelle and a daughter in law Karen. Karen keeps 2 horses Chrissie and Sherry. To complete the family we have a sheepdog, Moss, a golden retriever Sally and Tilly the cat.

The Farm - Some History

The farm is located in an environmentally sensitive area which identifies its importance as an area of outstanding beauty and contains a good variety of attractions and places of interest.

The farm is set in the Staffordshire Moorlands off the A523 road between Rudyard and Rushton Spencer,close to the borders of Staffordshire, Cheshire and Derbyshire. Fairboroughs Farm has a history stretching back to 1230 when it was mentioned in the history of a local Monastery. It has Grade 2 listed status.

After the dissolution of the monastery in the late 1500’s, Fairbororoughs was developed as the biggest farm in the area north of the site of the monastery. It was in fact a Grange but has always been titled as a farm.
The Lowe family are the first owner occupiers since the early 1700’s.

The name Fairboroughs means ‘a pretty place where sheep can graze’, and everyone who visits concurs with this appropriate name. Fairboroughs is a beautiful, peaceful place to spend some time and find out what the countryside is all about! The farm was used by Granada T.V. as a location for the drama ‘ Island at War’.